Viking, the first brand to bring commercial cooking into homes, is frequently juxtaposed with Zline, another luxurious brand that ranks highly among the cooking community for its premium kitchen and bath appliances.

In this article, we’ll wade you through all the important facts about ZLine vs Viking, to help you decide on which of the two best suits you.

Zline vs Viking


ZLINE is a USA-based, family-owned company that majors in designing and manufacturing premium kitchen and bath appliances.

Founded in 2007 by Andrew Zuro, the company’s main headquarters are found in Lake Tahoe in Reno, Nevada.

Here, all the designing and manufacturing of appliances are carried out by Zuro and his team before they are shipped to a ZLINE-owned facility in China for assembling.

ZLine Selection

Zline has three product line series: the autograph series, the RA (Dual Fuel Ranges) series, and the RG (Gas Ranges)series.

The ZLine autograph series adds a more personalized touch to their already high-end ranges.

Induction Ranges.

ZLine offers only two induction ranges in sizes 30 and 36 inches.

The 30-inch (the RAIND-30) range comes in a stainless steel build with four elements and an electronic oven.

The 36-inch (RAIND-36) also comes in a stainless steel build with four electric elements and an electronic oven.

According to ZLine, these ranges are 50% more efficient in terms of energy distribution when compared to similar products on the market.

Dual fuel ranges (RA series)

ZLine offers Dual Fuel Ranges: ranges that use two different types of heat sources–gas on the cooktop linked with an electric oven.

ZLine’s dual fuel ranges come in different:

Sizes: 24,30, 48 ,and 60 inches,
Finish material: Durasnow, stainless steel, and black stainless steel.
Different color doors: Blue gloss, Red gloss, Blue Matte, Red Matte, Black Matte, White Matte ,and Durasnow.

Gas On Gas Ranges (RG series)

Gas on gas ranges are ranges that are designed to use gas on both the cooktop and the oven.

ZLine offers gas on gas ranges in different:

Sizes: 24, 30, 36, and 48 inches.
Finish materials:
Durasnow, Stainless steel, and black stainless steel.
Interchangeable colored doors: Blue gloss, Red gloss, Blue Matte, Red Matte, Black Matte, White Matte, and Durasnow.

ZLine Stove Features

Porcelain cooktop: ZLine ranges come with a non-scratch one-piece porcelain enamel cooktop that is strong enough to handle all types of cooking environments.

Hand-crafted Italian burners: ZLine ranges feature premium alloy burners that they say are durable and efficient.

The cast iron grill: ZLine ranges come with a solid-piece, strong iron grill that is strong enough to hold the heaviest cookware while maintaining an even cooking surface.

Adjustable legs: ZLine stoves feature stainless steel easy-to-install adjustable legs that can easily adjust your range’s height.

Three glass layered oven: ZLine oven doors come with three layers that allow them to remain cool.

ZLine Pros

  • Good feature list for the price.
  • ZLine ranges compliment your kitchen with their good looks.
  • Durable Italian burners not only offer powerful performance but also last longer–no corrosion.
  • Non-scratch and easy-to-clean cooktops that are heavy-duty to last longer.
  • 100% risk-free 1-year warranty.
  • All their gas ranges come with a free propane conversion kit
  • Long list of showrooms and authorized dealers means you’ll most likely be able to find professional help if you need it.

ZLine Cons

  • Warranty period could be longer
  • The company doesn’t offer traditional electric ranges.
  • Electric components could be susceptible to failure
  • A number of reviews have associated their ovens with uneven baking.


Located in Greenwood Mississippi, VIKING Range Corporation is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of kitchen and ventilation appliances.

Founded by Fred Carl.jr in the 1980s, Viking was the first ever brand to introduce commercial cooking into homes.

Four decades later, Viking continues to raise people’s standards of living and cooking through their high-end professional ranges.

Viking was acquired by Middleby corporation in 2013–a world leader in commercial kitchen technology.

Viking Selection

Viking has four product lines: The 3 series, 5 series, 7 series, and the Tuscany series.

The 3 series

Viking only offers 3 series ranges in size 30 inch– in gas, electric, and dual fuel.

These ranges are exclusively made for homes, using the performance of the professional ranges.

The 5 series

Viking’s 5 series ranges grew directly from the company’s original pro-style.

Available in gas and dual fuel, Viking 5 series ranges come in sizes: 30, 36, 48, and 60inches.

Also available are the 30” electric/induction ranges and 30 and 36-inch open burner ranges.

All the ranges in this series feature brass burners.

Dual fuel ranges feature 18k powerful burners and a top-of-the-line oven plus a true convection mode.

The gas-on-gas ranges in this series come with a large oven capacity and infrared burners.

The ranges are available in different color options.

The 7 Series

The Viking 7 series combines the best technology from the 3 and 5 series offering professional, commercial-style ranges for households.

These ranges come in sizes 36 and 48 inches and are available in gas and dual fuel only.

The ranges feature 23K BTU elevation burners, infrared broilers, heavier grates, and bigger knobs.

You can also get a double-sided griddle/ grill cooktop element.

The ranges are also available in different color options.

The Tuscany Series

The Tuscany line is the most expensive of the four lines and brings contemporary Italian styling incorporating the highest quality materials and engineering.

The ranges are dual fuel with the option of having an induction element added to your gas cooktop.

They are available in sizes 36, 48, and 66 inches and come in three color options: dark blue, black, and white.

Viking Stove Features

High BTU Burners: Viking ranges come with open and sealed burners.

Open burners deliver flames directly to your pan while elevation burners are made of high-quality brass with BTUs of up 23K.

Vari-Speed Dual Flow Convection System: Viking ranges come with convection fans that turn in both directions at different speeds for maximum airflow and even heat distribution.

GentleClose Oven Door: Viking ranges come with a GentleClose oven door for soft and easy closing.

iDevices Feature: Viking ranges come with an advanced feature that allows monitoring of temperatures from up to 200 feet away via an apple/android device or Bluetooth.

Viking Pros

  • Powerful burner BTUs
  • Rapid-ready preheat feature.
  • 3 years full coverage warranty.
  • All burners have a simmer setting.

Viking Cons

  • More expensive than Zline


There is a huge difference between the prices of Viking and ZLine ranges.

ZLine Ranges Price

  • ZLine’s induction ranges start at; $ 2,649
  • ZLine’s gas-on-gas ranges start at; $ 1,019
  • ZLine’s dual fuel ranges start at; $2,399

Viking Range Prices

  • Viking’s 3 series ranges start at; $ 5,239
  • Viking’s 5 series ranges start at; $ 5,699
  • Viking’s 7 series ranges start at; $11,269
  • Viking’s Tuscany series ranges start at; $14,189


As you’ve noted above, both ZLine and Viking will give you a top-of-the-line experience.

Viking has been in the game for a longer period, making adjustments every now and then. Each time, coming up with the best version of their products, so be sure of quality and professionalism.

On the other hand, at half the price, you can be certain of getting a pretty good experience when you grab a ZLine range but you might have to make do with a shorter warranty and a more toned-down feature list.

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