Whether you plan on cooking for the family at the next gathering or just trying to bond with your stove, understanding cooking temperatures and knowing how to correctly apply them in your cooking can give you amazingly magical results!

Most stoves come in different sizes and shapes, all with inbuilt pre-set temperature controls marked with numbers indicating low, medium, and high heat temperatures.

What temperature is medium high heat

Be that as it may, the huge transition in the culinary world has seen the addition of two more temperature settings: the medium-low and medium-high temperatures. These two additional settings are however not marked anywhere on the stove.

We took the liberty of researching the nitty-gritty of medium-high heat and compiled everything you need to know right in this article.

What temperature is medium high heat?

Medium-high heat is the temperature between 375 degrees and 449 degrees Fahrenheit on a thermostat. This is equivalent to 190-232 degrees celsius.

From the sound of the name itself; medium-high, you can have an idea of it being the temperature that settles in between the medium and the highest temperature settings.

Recipes can be demanding. They heavily rely on exact measurements. When mixing or adding ingredients, if you accidentally or deliberately miss or add an ounce, the chances of the entire dish going south are above average.

However, when it comes to cooking temperatures, you have the freedom to occasionally adjust the heat either up or down, depending on what you are cooking.

The success of the final results will depend on how good you are at adjusting and observing.

Many folks are used to the three basic heat settings; low, medium, and high. These are the easiest temperature settings to use as they are clearly indicated on the control knob or the stove itself.

But when it comes to medium-high heat, you will have to figure it out by yourself, it’s more of guesswork and a lot of trial and error.

This temperature is best and common for cooking meats, pan-frying, searing, and sauteing.

What number is medium-high heat on a stove?

Cookbooks can be vague when it comes to cooking temperatures. The authors will instruct you to cook on medium-high heat but never will they tell you where to move the heat control knob. This is the actual predicament that most people face.

Stove heat settings knob

Unfortunately, medium-high is not an actual temperature on the stovetop. This alone makes it difficult to determine which number is medium-high.

If guesswork is not enough to determine medium-high, then you should try experimenting with different dishes.

To help with your experiments, if your stove has 6 numbers, then 3 is medium heat while 6 is most definitely high heat. In this case, 4, and slightly below 5 will be your medium-high heat.

On a 9-numbered stove, 5 is the medium while 9 is the highest. Medium high heat will settle anywhere between 7 and 8. Remember to make good use of the occasional adjustment freedom.

If your stove has 10 numbers on the control knob, the medium will be 6 and 7. 10 is the highest in this case. Medium high will be at numbers 8 and 9.

All in all, the numbers massively depend on the type of stove you use and how fast or slow they heat up.

That’s where the adjusting-freedom chip comes in!

What is medium high heat on stove 1-6?

If the numbers on the temperature control knob of your stove range from 1-6, number 1 is the lowest setting while 6 is the highest and hottest setting.

In this case, medium heat which sits in between the lowest and the highest heat settings should be 3.

Medium-high heat in this case should fall anywhere between 3 and 6. With that in mind, we can conclude that medium high heat on stove 1-6 is 4 and/or 5.

What is medium high heat on stove 1-9?

Stove control knob 1 to 10

A stove with 9 heat settings will have 1 as the lowest heat and 9 as the highest heat setting. The medium heat is 5.

As aforementioned, medium-high falls between medium and high heat settings, in this respect, medium high will settle between 5 and 9, as in above 5 and below 9.

This makes 7 and 8 to be the medium high heat numbers, again, depending on how fast or slow your stove heats up.

What is medium-high heat on stove 1-10?

If the numbers on your stove range from 1-10, the medium heat will be somewhere around 6 and 7. 10 is the highest heat. Medium high will be between 8 and 9.

What is medium high heat in the oven?

If you prefer ovens to cooktops instead, you first of all need to know that just like stoves, ovens are different depending on brands and types.

Some ovens are designed to heat up faster than others. So if you want to cook on medium-high heat in your oven, set the temperature to somewhere between 375-450 degrees Fahrenheit. The same setting is equivalent to 190-230 degrees celsius.

What is medium high heat on an induction stove?

Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops are powerful and heat up faster than gas or electric cooktops.

Both single and double induction cooktops’ temperatures range from 100-450 degrees Fahrenheit, sometimes up to 460 degrees F.

Medium high heat on an induction stove will be somewhere between 300 to 360 degrees F (149 to 182 degrees C). An ideal temperature for sauteing, toasting, and deep-frying.


To say the least, mid-high or medium-high heat is a setting that will require you to continuously practice with patience.

Most experienced chefs don’t even have to look at or even use numbers to determine heat/temperature settings.

Experiments will train your eye and instincts and you will be proficient at cooking like a pro in no time. Do not be afraid to experiment.and above all do not give up if your first two or three experiments go south.