Simmering is more often than not a game of the eye, looking for a certain type of bubbles and a certain temperature.

Many consider simmering to be medium-low heat which on an electric stove with dials ranging from 1 to 9, would hover around the 3 or 4 dial mark.

Read more to know about how to set simmer on an electric stove.

what number is simmer on an electric stove 1 to 9

What is simmer on an electric stove

Simmer/ing can easily pass as a level on an electric stove. It is simply a low-temperature method of cooking food both gently and slowly. 

The simmer technique involves cooking a liquid or cooking in a hot liquid kept a notch below its boiling point. 

Simmer/ing is the perfect way of preparing delicate sauces and soups that would otherwise break under high and aggressive temperatures. It gives your favorite seasonings and ingredients a chance to slowly combine and mix together. 

Simmering is also an ideal choice for veggies and large cuts of meat. The low and slow nature of a simmer will leave your meat tender, flavorful and juicy. 

Simmer can also be the best way of maintaining the temperature of already-cooked dishes without overcooking them.

Simmered Japanese Dish

What number is simmer on an electric stove 1-9

Some electric stoves come with a labeled simmer setting, but MOST do not. The manufacturer would rather you figure out on your own what works best for your specific stove and recipe. 

This begs the question;  what number is simmer on an electric stove 1-9? 

Well, the answer is not always obvious. More often than not, there is no regular simmer setting.  The setting varies based on the individual stove and design.

However, for an electric stove with 9 numbers on the heat control dial, the simmer setting will fall somewhere between 3 and 4.

Note that not all electric stoves are compatible. The simmer setting might be a bit lower than 3 in some models and a notch higher than 4 in others. The best way will be to experiment with your individual stove to figure out what setting best works for you.

Simmer heating dish

What temperature is simmer on an electric stove

As mentioned earlier, a typical Simmer occurs at a temperature a notch lower than the boiling point. 

Normally, water boils at 212 degrees F (100 degrees celsius).  in that case, a dish is most likely to simmer at 185-200 degrees F (85-96 degrees celsius)

What heat setting is simmer on an electric stove

Most electric stoves come with inbuilt  basic heat settings that give you temperature control. These are the typical “low”, “medium” and” high” heat settings that are normally labeled on your heat control knob.

But, when it comes to simmer/ing, there’s a lot of confusion amongst most people. This is partly due to the fact that most electric stoves do not come with a labeled simmer setting; leaving it up  to you to figure out what your stove considers to be a simmer.  

A pot can simmer at low heat setting or sometimes at medium heat setting, based on how hot your stove burners can get. All you’ll have to do is observe the characteristics of a simmer, such as:

  • the tiny bubbles at the bottom of the pot occasionally trying to break the surface
  • tiny wisps of steam rising above the surface of the water/liquid.

In most cases however, a simmer normally occurs at medium-low heat. This is because low heat is less likely to simmer while medium heat can turn a simmer into a full rolling boil. The best simmer setting thus falls in between low and medium heat.

Is simmer  low heat

Simmer/ing is a low-heat cooking technique but it certainly is not low heat.  Simmer commonly occurs at medium-low heat. Though simmer can be low heat on some stove models. The main thing is knowing what a simmer looks like and that will guide you on how to set your stove temperature.

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How to simmer on an electric stove.

There are two common ways of simmering. One is where the recipe calls you to simmer directly. In this case, you’ll need to adjust your stove knob to medium low heat and let the dish simmer on its own.

However, the most popular approach to simmer is where you first bring your pot to a boil then reduce it to a simmer.

With this approach, you set your temperature at medium heat. When your pot starts to boil, you reduce the heat to medium low or low depending on how hot your stovetop gets.

Be advised though, a perfect simmer requires close monitoring for it to maintain its position. You will have to check your pot regularly and adjust the temperature when necessary.


  • The simmer setting on an electric stove with dials ranging from 1 to 9 falls somewhere between 3 and 4
  • Simmering is a low-heat cooking technique that is perfect for gentle, slow cooking of delicate sauces, soups, vegetables, and large cuts of meat.
  • The ideal temperature range for simmering on an electric stove is between 185-200 degrees F (85-96 degrees Celsius).
  • While some electric stoves may have a labeled simmer setting, most do not, and it’s up to the cook to experiment and figure out the best heat setting for their specific stove and recipe.
  • The best heat setting for simmering typically falls between low and medium heat.
  • Monitoring the simmering process closely and adjusting the temperature as needed is crucial for achieving the perfect simmer.