If you’re considering treating your kitchen to a new stove, a 30-inch is one of the most popular options. They are normally 26-29-inches deep, with a height of 36-39 inches. And the width? What is the actual width of a 30-inch stove?

Countertops and cabinets in most homes are of standard dimensions. With that, you can be sure that the depth and height of a 30-inch stove can never fluctuate from its respective range. However, we cannot say the same for the widths.

This article explores in detail the dimensions of a 30-inch stove, providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision when purchasing your next stove. Read through.

What Is The Actual Width Of A 30 Inch Stove

What Is The Actual Width Of A 30 Inch Stove?

When it comes to the actual width of 30-inch stoves, the numbers may vary depending on the stove model and manufacturer.

However, on average, the width of a 30-inch stove is roughly between 29-30 inches. To fit in the different cabinet cutouts’ dimensions in various homes, companies will usually remove a few inches from the width of 30-inch stoves. 

Below are the width dimensions of different 30-inch stoves from different manufacturers:

  • GE JS645SLSS 30-inch slide-in electric range – 29 ⅞″
  • Whirlpool WEE510S0FS 30-inch-slide in electric range – 29 ⅞″
  • LG LSD4913ST dual fuel slide-in range – 29.8″
  • Wolf AG 30-inch range – 29.875″
  • 30-inch HRG3088U gas range 304 stainless steel six burners – 27 ½″
  • Thermador PRG304WH gas professional range 30-inch pro harmony – 29.9375″
  • GE JGBS66REKSS 30-inch free-standing gas range – 30″
  • Cafe CGS750P2MS1 30-inch smart slide in gas range – 29.875″
  • Thor LRG3001U kitchen 30-inch professional free-standing gas range – 30″
  • Bertazzoni range PROF304GASGIT professional free-standing gas range – 30″

To get the average width, simply add all the widths from different stoves and divide them by the number of stoves used.

In this case, we add(29.875 + 29.875 + 29.8 + 29.875 + 27.5 + 29.9375 + 30 + 29.875 + 30 + 30) divide it by 10(the total number of stoves to get 29.67375

From the math, we can conclude that the actual width of a 30-inch stove is approximately 29.7 inches

Are stove dimensions exact?

No, It is almost impossible to find stoves with exact dimensions.

For 30-inch stoves, you will often get measurements in the range of 29″ to 30″.  However, on rare occasions, you will get measurements one or two inches below 29″.

Over the stove microwave

How are stove dimensions measured?

Stove dimensions are measured by taking the measurements of the cabinet cutouts. Follow the steps below and compare your measurements with the cutout dimensions listed in your preferred product manual.

STEP 1: Get your measuring tape

Make sure the measuring tape you get is in good condition to take accurate measurements.

STEP 2: Measure the width of the cut out

Take the width measurement of the front section and back section of the cabinet cutout. The smallest measurement of these widths is the required width to take note of.

STEP 3: Measure the depth of the cutout

Measure the left and right sides of the cutout from the back wall to the front edge of the cabinet without the hinge and door. The smallest measurement of the two sides is the one to take note of.

STEP 4: Measure the height of the cutout

Measure the height of the open space from the floor to the countertop. It is more advisable to measure the height of the four corners of the open space.

If the floor is not well leveled, you can adjust the legs of your stove to fit perfectly.

STEP 5: Measure the surrounding space

You also have to measure the space in front of your stove and the space above your stove.

Space in front of your stove: this should be at least 40-inches, especially if you have a kitchen island. The purpose of this is to have enough space to stand whenever you open the oven door. 

Space above your cooktop: this depends on what you have above the cooktop. If you have the vent hood and over-the-range microwaves above the cooktop, you should have a minimum spacing of 24- 30 inches.

How much space do you need on each side of a stove?

The general rule of thumb is to leave a space of about half an inch on each side of your kitchen stove. This is to allow room for easy removal of the stove at any point in time. 

With the space, you can also rest assured that the stove will not be scratched whenever you remove it from the cabinet.

Stove spacing

How much space do you need for a 30-inch stove?

Most of the stove manufacturers recommend a 30-inch space for their 29.875 stoves.

However, for proper safety and easy usage, we suggest an addition of ½ inch on both sides.

Therefore, a 30-inch stove will need a space of; actual width(29.7) + ½ inch  + ½ inch 

= 30.7 inches

How far should a kitchen stove be from the wall?

For any range – free-standing, slide-in, and drop-in range – the spacing between their placement in the cabinet cutout and the side walls should be at least 12 inches. 

This is mainly because:

  • The flames from the gas range and intense heat from the electric range coils can damage the walls over time. 
  •  The 12-inch space gives you enough preparation area for whatever you cook. 
  • The space will also make room for storing essential kitchen utensils.

How far should a stove be from the back wall?

The space between the kitchen stove and the back wall depends on the mount type of the stove. 

For a free-standing stove, no back wall space is required as it has a backguard that already does the work of the back wall space – provision of ventilation and prevention of spills and splashes on the wall. 

For a slide-in and drop-in stove model, however, 2 inches of backspace are required. In addition to the above-mentioned purposes of backspace, it also allow space for the connection of the gas line in the slide-in and drop-in gas models.

Will a 30-inch stove fit in a 30-inch opening?

As we’ve seen above, the average width of a typical 30-inch stove is around 29.7 inches. So if you’re wondering if it can fit in a 30-inch opening, it can. Although the stove fitting might be too snug, it still passes the safety rule for fixing your kitchen fittings. 


All things said, a 30-inch is the standard stove for most households. They are normally 26-29 inches deep, with a height of 36-39 inches.

The actual width of a 30-inch stove can vary based on stove brand and manufacturer. So it’s up to you to find the correct measurement that will perfectly fit your kitchen space.

To get the actual measurements of your perfect kind of stove, just follow the 5 steps stated above.