are natural gas and propane interchangeable

Are Natural Gas and Propane Interchangeable?

Many people often think that propane and natural gas are interchangeable, this however, as we see in this post, is…

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Brass Burner

Brass burners vs Stainless steel: Which is best?

The choice between a brass burners vs stainless steel burner can be a little daunting. Here, we go over the pros and…

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Electric and Gas stove

How to Tell if Your Stove is Electric or Gas

There are a few major differences between gas and electric stoves. In this post, we show you how to tell if your stove…

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Gas stove burners

8 Most Common Gas Stove Problems

Gas stoves are common in many homes and restaurants. In this blog post, we discuss the most common gas stove problems…

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Gas stove

17 things to consider before buying a gas stove

Having trouble deciding which gas you should buy? You're in luck because we've compiled a list of 17 things to consider…

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