When a recipe calls for you to cook at, let’s say 300 degrees, to what number do you move your stove’s temperature control knob? Do you use 3 or 5?

Putting into consideration the inconsistency in stove brands, figuring out stove top numbers to degrees can be a daunting and confusing task.

Thankfully, this article erases some of that confusion and misinterpretation; sharing with you a table that should help you understand what number corresponds to what temperature on your stovetop.

Stovetop numbers to degrees

Different stoves come with different sources of heat and numbers on the temperature control knobs.

What this means is that one stove top’s numbers might not match up with a different stove top’s numbers in terms of temperature.

So for example, the number 5 could mean a different temperature setting on a stove with dials ranging from 1-9 when compared to another stove with dials from 1-6.

The same numbers might be different on an electric stove vs a gas stove given that the two types of stovetops heat up differently.

The table below gives you a general idea of what temperatures the numbers on your stovetop dial represent.

NB: This table covers gas stoves with knob numbers ranging from 1 to 10.

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Source: AllRecipes.com

There is a very practical reason why recipes choose to be vague when describing cooking temperatures.

Terms like medium-low, simmer, and medium-high are very popular among cookbook authors.

Before rushing out to the grocery store for that missing ingredient, your goal should be to carefully read through a recipe and identify the types of cooking techniques it calls for.

Temperature is undoubtedly the key constant cooking element. Knowing the precise temperature setting to apply in your cooking goes hand in hand with consistently great results.

The numbers on the top of your stove should help you gauge just the perfect temperature. And although stove tops are all different, each model has a general range of temperatures for each number.

However, the numbers stated in the above table should give you a pretty good idea of how numbers generally convert to temperatures on stovetops.

Stove heat settings knob

Be advised though that it is impossible to find a universal number to temperature guide for all the different stovetops.

The numbers do not correlate hence will only leave room for errors. A “2” may be 300 degrees on one stove and it can still be 345 on another stove.

The only way to figure things out, as we always recommend, is through frequent experimentation.

What do numbers mean on a stovetop?

When it comes to stove top numbers, one perpetual fact across all the stove brands is that the larger the number the higher the temperature.

In other words, stove numbers are directly proportional to the amount of heat produced.

On a stove, numbers are calibrated switches that you can easily use to either increase or lower the cooking temperature in accordance with the recipe–numbers mean heat/temperature levels.

However, the difference in stove brands makes it tough for one to determine what stove number to use for low, medium, or even high heat.

Stove control knob 1 to 10

Taking all factors into account, stove top numbers should typically range from 1 which is the lowest temperature setting, all the way up to 9 or 10. Some stoves have 6 numbers where 6 is the largest.

Keep note though, number “1” is not always exclusively the low heat level number.

Low heat can be a range of numbers. For instance, a stove with 9 numbers on the control knob will have the first three numbers as low heat and 9 as the highest heat.

On the other hand, a 6-numbered stove will typically have numbers 1 and 2 as low heat.

What number is 375 degrees on a stove?

The countless times you’ve crossed paths with 375 degrees Fahrenheit might have left you wondering, what is this temperature and what number is 375 degrees on a stovetop?

Equivalent to 150 degrees Celsius, 375 is the standard setting for medium heat. This temperature is marked by the number “5” on the stovetop.

Even though medium is not the same for all stoves, 375 is best used for both cooking and baking as it is loved for distributing heat evenly and quick sears.

Electric stove dials

What number on the stove is 160 degrees?

160 degrees celsius corresponds to 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Regardless of the type of stove you are using, 3 is the universally accepted and used number for 160 degrees.

This temperature falls in the medium temperature range. It is ideal for preparing scrambled eggs.

What is 300 degrees on a stovetop?

A recipe that calls for 300 degrees in other words requires you to cook at low heat or mid-low heat depending on the type of stove you own.

300 degrees Fahrenheit is equivalent to 150 degrees Celsius. This temperature is marked by the number 2 on most stovetops.

300 degrees certainly has its advantages as it is by far the most commonly used temperature to cook a variety of dishes ranging from omelets, chicken, vegetables, steaks, and many more. It is best used to render, caramelize and sweat those onions.


As it turns out, cooking temperatures and stove top numbers share a very strong correlation.

Stove tops may differ in a number of ways but when it comes to cooking temperatures, 1 and 2 will always be low heat across all the brands.

However, to consistently get the correct temperature and great results, you will be required to learn more through practice and experimenting.

That way, you will not only understand how your stove operates but also learn how to identify cooking temperatures without relying on stove top numbers.