Stove Eye or Coil

What is a stove eye?

The term "stove eye" refers to the burners of a stove, electric or gas, though, many will be surprised that it…

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Thermador 48 inch Gas Range

Why is Thermador so expensive?

It can be argued that Appliances from Thermador are expensive mainly due to the fact that the company insists on…

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Brass Burner

Brass burners vs Stainless steel: Which is best?

The choice between a brass burners vs stainless steel burner can be a little daunting. Here, we go over the pros and…

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Cake baked in a gas oven

Gas vs Electric ovens for baking cakes

For beginners, the choice between gas vs electric ovens for baking cakes can be a tough one. Today, we examine both and…

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Propane gas tank

Cost to convert a natural gas stove to propane

How much it costs to convert a natural gas stove to propane depends on the stove, some come with free conversion kits…

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Baker inserts bread in an electric Oven

Do bakers prefer gas or electric ovens

Do bakers prefer gas or electric ovens? Well, it depends on what dishes they make with the ovens, however, research…

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Alcohol Stove

How Long does An Alcohol Stove Burn?

How long does an alcohol stove burn? On average, an ounce of alcohol will burn for 10-15 mins depending on various…

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Electric and Gas stove

How to Tell if Your Stove is Electric or Gas

There are a few major differences between gas and electric stoves. In this post, we show you how to tell if your stove…

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Gas stove burners

8 Most Common Gas Stove Problems

Gas stoves are common in many homes and restaurants. In this blog post, we discuss the most common gas stove problems…

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Electric Stove

Can electric stoves explode?

Contrary to what many might believe, electric stoves can actually explode. Today we discuss; Can electric stoves…

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