What does simmering look like

What Does Simmer Look Like? (ALL you should know)

In this article, we answer the question: what does simmer look like? and help you distinguish between simmering,…

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Is Kucht a good brand

Is Kucht a Good Brand? (7 REASONS why we think it is)

Is kucht a good brand? We honestly think it is. We list seven reasons why you should have a look at Kucht before…

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Blue oven interior

Why are ovens blue inside?

Blue ovens reflect light better and make food look more appetizing. Here, we discuss why ovens are blue inside and…

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Electric stove dials

What Temperature Is Simmer On An Electric Stove?

Simmering temperature ranges between 185 to 205 degrees F. In this post we discuss simmering and what temperature it is…

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Stove heat settings knob

What is low heat on a stove?

Stove heat settings can be confusing, however, the low heat setting shouldn't be as it is almost always the lowest…

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Stove temperature dials

What Is Medium Low Heat On A Stovetop?

The knob setting of Medium Low Heat on a stove varies, however, it's often the setting between the lowest number and…

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Propane Gas Tank

What Happens if you use Propane on a Natural Gas Stove?

In this blog post, we discuss what happens when you use propane on a natural gas stove and show you why it's never a…

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Brass Burner

Brass burners vs Cast iron burners

The choice between brass burners vs Cast iron burners is a pretty easy one as Brass burners are far better. Cast Iron…

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Stove Eye or Coil

What is a stove eye?

The term "stove eye" refers to the burners of a stove, electric or gas, though, many will be surprised that it…

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Thermador 48 inch Gas Range

Why is Thermador so expensive?

It can be argued that Appliances from Thermador are expensive mainly due to the fact that the company insists on…

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