Whether you’re looking to take your cooking a bit more seriously or you’re in the market for a luxury appliance that’ll add value to your kitchen, there’s a good chance that you’ll come across both Bertazzoni and Viking ranges.

Built with richer and sturdier materials, these brands have more cooking power, precision, and versatility than most regular cookers but also cost significantly more.

In this article, we take a look at these two premium brands with very similar feature sets, scourge the internet for reviews of what people are saying and ultimately help you decide.

Bertazzoni Company Profile

Based in Guastalla, Italy, Bertazzoni is a family-owned Italian manufacturer of kitchen appliances.

For over 135 years, the company has built a reputation for producing quality engineered appliances that help you cook with precision, flair, and flavor.

With a presence in over 60 countries, Bertazzoni is mostly known for its free-standing cookers, however, the company also manufactures refrigerators, built-in ovens, hobs, dishwashers, and ventilation hoods.


Bertazzoni has four collections in its product portfolio; the Professional Series, the Master Series, and the Heritage Series. Each offers a different style unique to its range.

Professional Series- their signature style, features iconic design knobs and color finishes that are inspired by and at times identical to paintwork found on Italian luxury sports cars.

The Master series blends commercial kitchen styling with fine Italian refinement bringing a line with sophisticated color palettes and amazing designs.

On the other hand, the Heritage series as the name suggests focuses more on the past. With the company describing the ranges as what “have recognized Napoleone Bertazzoni in the early 1900s but with 21st technology and engineering”


  • High efficiency brass burners that can boil water in under six minutes.
  • Thermocouple safety device comes installed with all their burners
  • Dual convection fans for even heat distribution
  • Elegant and large temperature gauge

The good about Bertazzoni

Bertazzoni appliances are well known for their top-notch designs that go above and beyond standard finishes to incorporate color and flair in the kitchen. They have elegant, clean lines, soft close door technology, and smooth gliding oven racks.

Their products are made of the finest materials with outstanding Italian design and engineering. The control knobs on the stoves are ergonomically designed for ease while providing an overall contemporary appeal. The dual ring gas burners are made of brass to ensure high performance and appeal.

Bertazzoni’s ranges come with some of the biggest ovens in their class and so you certainly wouldn’t be complaining about the oven size.

Betazzoni’s products are also cheaper than many professional-style ranges, In fact, some reports suggest that their ranges are about 30% cheaper.

The Not-so-Good about Bertazzoni

A number of customers have complained about the performance of the company’s electric ovens while others have found the ovens loud and difficult to light.

There are also reports of poor customer service, especially after the expiration of the two-year warranty period granted by the company.

The inclusion of high-tech components in their ranges makes them susceptible to electric malfunction.

Many of their range ovens vent out from the front, usually through a small space above the oven door, something that some might find inconvenient. You’re likely to have whatever you’re cooking smell all throughout your kitchen.

Buyers have reported issues with lighting/turning on burners, however, the company says this is caused by the thermocouple safety device which basically blocks gas flow if it senses that there is no flame. Bertazonni recommends that you turn the burner knob to the highest setting for a few seconds when lighting your burners.

Bertazzoni ranges are not particularly easy to come across especially through some of the most popular appliance stores online.

Best Bertazzoni Range: Our Top Pick

Bertazzoni PROF366GASXT

This professional series wide-format counter depth range has a cooktop featuring six brass burners including two dual-ring power burners of up to 19,000 Btu with separately controlled flames.

Its 5.9 cubic feet cavity oven is the largest in its class, with dual convection fans for balanced airflow and even temperature baking. An extra-large high-power infrared gas broiler for broiling and grilling and an elegant temperature gauge for control of oven temperature during preheating and baking are also included.

Viking Company Profile

Located in Greenwood, Mississippi, USA, Viking Range Corporation has evolved to be one of the most popular appliance brands in the market today.

The company introduced its first stove in 1987 and initiated the professional-grade range for home kitchens. It was also the first to introduce color choices.

Viking’s high-end appliance portfolio also includes dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, ovens, blenders, mixers, outdoor grills, and plenty of cookware.

Viking has been a subsidiary of oven machinery-making giant The Middleby Corporation since 2012, under which it has created more than 50 new innovative and award-winning products.


Viking Professional Range

Viking’s ranges come in a number of series which include; 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, and the Tuscany Series. Under these series, the company offers gas, dual fuel, electric and induction ranges with models ranging from 24″ wide up to 60″ wide.

The Tuscany line is the most expensive of the four and brings contemporary Italian styling incorporating the highest quality materials and engineering.


  • High BTU Pro Sleased Burner System
  • Varisimmer setting on all burners ensures even simmering at low cooking temperatures
  • Porcelainised cooking surface for easy cleaning
  • SureSpark Iginition System
  • Gourmet-Glo™ Gas Infrared Broiler
  • ProFlow™ Convection oven for even heat circulation
  • Rapid Ready™ Preheat System reduces preheat times to under 10 minutes
  • LED backlit Control knobs
  • iDevices feature lets you monitor your food through your Bluetooth devices.

The Good about Viking

Viking ranges have versatile burners that offer high BTUs, and low-level simmers ability (VSH- VariSimmer-to-High). They feature both open and sealed burners with 8,000, 15,000, and 23,000 BTU burners options. Their ignition system is reliable and will re-light if the burner goes off suddenly.

If you cook often, you will be delighted with Viking’s elevated burners that make it easier to clean the cooker. The company’s double porcelain finish also resists food stains.

Viking double oven range

Bakers will be thrilled by the oven features. Ovens have a variance speed dual convection system that includes a convection fan for even heating, which operates at different speeds to allow extreme airflow.

The Not-so-Good about Viking

On average, Viking ranges are generally priced higher than those from Bertazzoni. The prices start at $4,299 for the 3 Series up to $12,859 for the Tuscany Model Series.

Previously, there were many reports of poor customer service, lack of product training, and unavailability of spare parts, but this has significantly changed since the new takeover.

Best Viking Range: Our Top Pick

Viking 3 Series RVGR33025BSS

This freestanding 30” gas self-clean sealed burner range offers all the exceptional features expected in a Viking range wrapped in ultra-chic design and grace.

This 5-burner range delivers precise control with varying BTUs allowing you to move the pans and pots all over the surface seamlessly. The oven comes with a 15000 BTU broiler and 30000 BTU u-shaped burner, with the convenience of self-clean.

Final Word

From the above, we feel it might be easier to recommend Viking at this moment in time. Especially, if you live in the United States where you’re almost guaranteed to receive better customer support.

While Viking seems to be generally the better of the two brands, their ranges carry a higher price tag, which might be a put-off for some.

For certain, many will be drawn towards Bertazzoni ranges for their rather unique design language and Italian heritage, however, if you really don’t care about such stuff then pricing should be your only reason not to opt for a Viking in this case.

Ofcourse, You can also check out and compare the two brands with some of the other high-end brands on the market that offer similar products if not better products. These include; Wolf, Bertazonni, Thermador, Monogram, Miele, Zline, and Kutch.